Hand of Reckoning World of Warcraft Seasons of Discovery

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Become the Master of Taunts and Threat: Mastering the Hand of Reckoning Rune

Paladins in WoW Classic Season of Discovery longing for a dedicated taunt can finally rejoice with the Hand of Reckoning Rune. Engraved on the Gloves slot, this potent rune empowers you to take control of the battlefield by taunting enemies and solidifying your position as the tank.

Harnessing the Power of Reckoning:

  • Hand of Reckoning grants Paladins a long-awaited taunt ability, allowing them to effectively draw aggro and protect their allies from harm.
  • This rune also enhances the threat bonus from Righteous Fury, further solidifying your position as the main target for enemy attacks.
  • Learn how to optimally utilize the Engrave Gloves – Hand of Reckoning enchantment in our comprehensive Paladin Tank Build Guide for maximum effectiveness.

Discovering the Libram of Justice:

  • Your quest for the Hand of Reckoning begins with the Libram of Justice, an artifact hidden within Azeroth.
  • Loch Modan: Venture into the depths of Stonesplitter Valley, where a Sunken Reliquary awaits at coordinates /way 36.8 91.4. Within its depths, you might find the coveted Libram.
  • Westfall: Seek out the treacherous Defias Drone in southeastern Westfall, for they hold a chance to drop the Libram amongst their spoils.

Unlocking the Reckoning Power:

  • Once you acquire the Libram, unleash your Hammer of Justice upon 10 enemies, stunning them and preparing them for your righteous fury.
  • With the Libram equipped and the enemies stunned, activate it from your character sheet to witness its transformation into the powerful Hand of Reckoning Rune.