Strength of Soul Rune In World of Warcraft Seasons of Discovery

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Strength of Soul: Unleash the Healer Within in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery

Strength of Soul: Engraved on your chest, this powerful rune empowers your healing touch. Several abilities now shorten the duration of Weakened Soul on your targets, granting them reprieve from its debilitating effects. But Strength of Soul’s magic doesn’t stop there.

Power Word: Shield Synergy: This rune creates a unique interaction with your protective shield. Targets shielded by Power Word: Shield gain Rage from taking damage, fueling their offensive potential. And not only that, Righteous Fury now triggers even from absorbed damage, maximizing your allies’ defensive and offensive capabilities.

Mastering the Rune’s Power:

  • Anticipate and Counter: Weakened Soul’s duration reduction empowers you to react quickly and prolong your allies’ effectiveness.
  • Optimize your Healing: Prioritize abilities like Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, and Flash Heal to maximize Weakened Soul reduction.
  • Embrace the Shield Synergy: Utilize Power Word: Shield strategically to empower your allies’ offensive potential and trigger Righteous Fury.

Unlocking the Prophecy:

Both Factions:

  1. Seek Primal Insight: Hunt down Thistlefur mobs in Ashenvale and snatch Primal Insight from their clutches.
  2. Climb the Dreamcatcher Tree: Journey to (/way 38, 29) beyond the cave entrance and ascend the towering tree.
  3. Channel Dual Meditation: Activate two distinct Meditation buffs before approaching the dreamcatcher.
  4. Embrace the Prophecy: Use the Primal Insight beside the dreamcatcher and receive the blessing of Strength of Soul.

Become the Healer They Need:

Strength of Soul elevates your healing beyond mere restoration. It empowers your allies, turning them into offensive juggernauts while safeguarding their health. Embrace this powerful rune, master its secrets, and guide your party to victory in Season of Discovery!

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