Twisted Faith Rune In World of Warcraft Seasons of Discovery

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Unleash Inner Darkness: Master Twisted Faith in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery

Twisted Faith: Engraved upon your chest, this rune whispers dark promises of power. Both Mind Flay and Mind Blast, your signature psychic assaults, now surge with potency when your target suffers the agonizing grip of Shadow Word: Pain. Unleash a torrent of psychic energy, shattering their defenses and leaving them reeling in the face of your twisted faith.

Mastering the Shadow’s Embrace:

  • Weave the Web of Pain: Apply Shadow Word: Pain strategically to prime your targets for the mind-shattering blasts of Twisted Faith.
  • Embrace the Mind Flay Fury: Channel your inner darkness and unleash a relentless torrent of psychic energy with Mind Flay, empowered by the rune’s dark blessing.
  • Mind Blast with Precision: Unleash Mind Blast’s devastating psychic shock, its power amplified against Pain-stricken foes, ensuring their swift annihilation.

Unlocking the Memories of a Devout Champion:


  • Loch Modan: Delve into the Silverstream Mine, purging Kobold infestations until the Offering Coin drops. Toss it into the well within the cave’s first left turn, and claim the rune’s dark power.
  • Westfall: Seek the Undying Laborer in the Gold Coast Quarry. Vanquish it with Holy Light to claim its offering, another path to the rune’s secrets.
  • Darkshore: Hunt Naga for the Shatterspear Offering. Plunge into the Ruins of Mathystra’s watery depths, using the offering on a submerged statue (/way 59.2 22.6).


  • The Barrens: Aid Razormane allies by resurrecting them (Rank 1 specifically!) with your sacred magic. A Helping Hand, a symbol of your twisted faith, awaits you within its grasp.
  • Silverpine Forest: Seek the Wailing Spirit at (/way 60, 74). Its mournful cry may hold the key to unlocking Twisted Faith’s power.

Embrace the Shadow’s Might:

Twisted Faith transforms you into a force of psychic devastation, weaving pain and power into a tapestry of destruction. Master its secrets, become a conduit of shadows, and leave your enemies trembling in the face of your twisted faith.