How Rare Is Mimiron’s Head Mount In World of Warcraft

How To Get Mimiron’s Head Mount In WoW

Here is the complete guide on how to get Mimiron’s Head however, here is a quick summary of what needs to be done. You can run the raid Ulduar located in the Storm Peaks zone. The Storm Peaks is part of the Northrend Contenant and can be easily gotten to by taking a portal to Dalaran, then fly to the Storm Peaks. Once you get into the raid you must clear all the bosses up to Yogg-Saron. He is the ultimate boss who drops the Mimiron’s head mount. This mount can also only be obtain by running 25 man raid groups.

Just How Rare Is Mimiron’s Head?

It is recommended that you run Ulduar with multiple characters. But wait, make sure you are running the 25-man raid, otherwise it won’t drop the mount! Not only is the drop chance for this rare mount pretty low. It also locks you out of the raid for each boss killed. This means anything up til the last boss you killed will no longer spawn including that boss.

The reason for this to happen is because the player has killed a boss. Once you kill a boss everything up to that boss shouldn’t spawn anymore. However, if you don’t kill a boss you can continuously kill trash mobs within the instance. There are a few raids and dungeons where this is glitched after killing a boss the trash mobs still spawn. Those are far and few between. The only instances this would happen in are raids or heroic and mythical dungeons.

Drop Chance Of Mimiron’s Head Mount

Even though the drop chance is so low most players will likely never see this mount drop ever again. Knowing the drop rate of this rare mount is kind of nice to know. Coming in at a great big 1% drop chance. It has taken some players years to still not even see the mount drop. They say one out of 100 players should see this mount. While that isn’t set and stone it’s nice to know that the average player will spend about 100 kills worth of Yogg-Saron before they see the mount.

Recommendations To get Mimiron’s Head faster

While lockouts are a thing. They only lock you out depending on the character you run the instance with. This means if you have several characters that you can solo Ulduar with. You have more chances of trying to get the mount. If you run Ulduar on 10 different characters after every reset (Tuesday) you are likely to see the mount within 10 lockout sessions or 10 weeks. While this isn’t a factual statement and can take longer than 10 weeks. Your odds have increased.