Best Way To Get Rare Mount Mimiron’s Head In World of Warcraft

Mimiron's Head, a coveted flying mount in World of Warcraft, soars through the sky.
Gear up for adventure with this unique and eye-catching flying mount.

From Confrontation to Conquest: The Mimiron’s Head Mount Journey

Mimiron’s Head is a fairly rare mount in World of Warcraft (WoW). This rare mount is a mechanical flying machine that players can get by beating Yogg-Saron, the Old God, in the riad, Ulduar. Getting Mimiron’s Head requires a combination of Patience, strategy, and a LOT of luck as its drop rate is a bit low.

Ulduar is located in the Storm Peaks of Northrend. It is a huge Titan fortress that holds various amount of Elite bosses. Yogg-Saron was one of the most challenging encounters. Before heading to Ulduar, you can’t go alone. You will need at least a raid group of 10 people. As Ulduar is a 10-man or 25-man raid. Unfortunately, because the Mimiron’s Head drops from the 25-man raid, you will need to be in a group of 25 players who somewhat know what they are doing as whipping can be easy in this raid.

Achievement Unlocked: Mastering WoW’s Invincible Mount Quest

Before you can encounter with Yogg-Saron with your chances of a Mimiron’s Head. Players must first defeat Flame Leviathan, Ignis the Furnace Master, Razorscale, and XT-002 Deconstructor, inside the raid, Ulduar. After killing those bosses, you will gain access to the Antechamber. Players there can find the teleportation device leading to the inner sanctum where Yogg-Saron, is.

Yogg-Saron has a few different kill phases each getting harder until his final phase appears. Players go through a lot of obstacles, including the corrupted Illusions, managing sanity levels, and coordinating attacks on the boss. One important part of this encounter is keeping certain NPCs, known as Keepers, alive during the fight. As they give powerful buffs to help the players defeat Yogg-Saron.

How long It May Take To Get The Invincible Mount

Now let’s talk about the drop rate of Mimiron’s Head. The mount has an extremely low drop rare. Making it a rare and Prestigious reward for the players who manage to obtain it. As of today, the drop rate is right around 1%. This means on average only 1 in 100 times Yogg-Saron is slain you will see Mimiron’s Head drop.

Due to the rarity of Mimiron’s Head. getting this mount has been a symbol of accomplishment and dedication within the WoW community. Many players see it as a badge of Honor. Showing their sheer willpower to complete a raid.

Obtaining Mimiron’s Head is no small feat in World of Warcraft. Players need to gather a capable raid group, and be able to kill Yogg-Saron. There is no guarantee that Mimiron’s Head will even drop. The low 1% drop rate adds an element of rarity on top of the weekly lockouts making it a time-based luck drop.

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