What Is The Best Way To Get Rare Sandstone Drake Mount In World Of Warcraft

Finding The Vial Of The Sands recipe requires you to use canopic jars, artifact pieces, and archeology to get the Sandstone Drake Mount in World of Warcraft.

Many players decide to set aside time to play World of Warcraft’s older content to grind the game’s current material to locate uncommon mounts and cosmetics. People may browse and examine the things, cosmetics, and mounts they have collected throughout the years by utilizing the Collection tab. These Sandstone Drake are mounts in “World of Warcraft” with absurdly low drop rates scarcity some mounts get correlated with the absence of objects that must located in the environment, including Canopic Jars and primitive eggs. It is important to note that more deserving mounts may be obtained by completing different tasks.

Sandstone Drake Mount

The Sandstone Drake is a unique horse that can change its rider into a dragon, but gaining it requires a few steps. The player is transformed into the horse by the spell. There’s a bonus to this: it lets other party members ride on your back. The Heart of the Nightwing mount, obtained through the Recruit-A-Friend system, is the only other mount that possesses this power; however, it is no longer in existence, increasing the value of the Sandstone Drake.

The Vial of Sands and Canopic Jars

There are two ways you may take to defend and unlock this mount. Using their archeology profession, players must locate or grind down Canopic Jars with a skill level of 600 to earn the Vial Of The Sands recipe. For instance, it is achievable to recover items made from Pandaren archeological debris. These bits have the potential to turn into Canopic Jars and may be exchanged for a “Box of Tolvir Archaeological Fragments.”

Here, there is a straightforward issue. The RNG that extracts Canopic Jars from relics or archaeological sites and the RNG that discovers Vials of the Sands within these uncommon cans are intricate. It may be able to drop the matching formula if one of these jars can be corrected.

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