Herb Farm Guide In Zagarmarsh

The green route on the top right-hand side of Zangarmarsh is where you will be farming, You go around the big circle first then hit the middle circle, by the time that is done the outer circle will have respawn and you can easily do this over and over. Within 10 minutes of farming, I was able to get:

  • 21 Ragveil (3g/)
  • 14 Dream Glory (2g/)
  • 15 Felweed (1g/)
  • 2 Flame Cap (5g/)
  • 10 Mote of Life (5g/)
  • 10 Adamantite Ore (4.50g/)
  • 14 Fel Iron (22g)
  • 3 Eternium ore (10g/
  • 15 mote of Earth (1g/)
  • 4 Mote of Fire (30g/)
  • 22 Dreamfoil (2g/)

Total Gold (10 Minutes)

728 Gold

Total Gold ( 1 Hour)

4,368 Gold

Maximizing Gold

  • Turning ore into bars
  • Making Fel steel Bars
  • Milling herbs into pigments
  • make inks/ turn cards into darkmoon cards (possibly?)
  • Prospect adamantite ore and make Mercurial Adamantite (takes 20 prospected ore)