The Forgotten Pet In the Forgotten Raid In World of Warcraft

WoWScrnShot_061516_203516Welcome all to yet another gold farming guide. Here will will be farming for the battle pet Mojo, in order to collect this cute little frog, you will need to place yourself in Zul’Aman, which is located in Ghostlands, which is a part of Eastern Kingdoms.WoWScrnShot_061516_182725WoWScrnShot_061516_182123Here is the route you will be taking while farming for the pesky Amani Hex Sticks. This dungeon is only offered as a heroic, so be sure not to kill any of the bosses. You only get close enough to accidentally kill/pull one boss, who is Jan’alai. I never pulled him on my way to the second part of the route, but if you want to be safe, do these runs as either a night elf or rouge; anything that allows you to get out of combat really.WoWScrnShot_061516_192409Here my inventory was clear for a reason, normally while testing runs I will always have materials left over from my last farming session. However I decided to use a Potion of treasure finding. Unsure of how well it would have worked, in the end I’m thankful I remember to put everything on the Auction house before I started!WoWScrnShot_061516_182915Don’t forget to talk to Vol’jin to open the gates so you can begin this instance. I can’t stress that enough. When I was trying to get my Amani Battle Bear, I had no clue how to start this dungeon, which was very stressful on my end.

WoWScrnShot_061516_182924Once you talk to Vol’jin he will walk over to the gong in which you will need to right click; helping him vigorously pound on it. You will know when the event is over and when you have helped conqueror his request when he starts walking away towards that gates.WoWScrnShot_061516_192844On my route, you may see circles, these indicate where I stop to kill mobs; however, I am a level 100 balance druid, with an item level of 700. Be smart about the pulls and watch your health ensuring you wont die from your pulls. These mobs, like many other Cataclysm mobs, have several stuns and snares that will slow you down a bit.

I averaged around 5-10 Hex sticks per run, and each run averaged about 7 and a half minutes. WoWScrnShot_061516_193132Why do you need Amani Hex sticks for this farm? Well Once you are done with the route, Head to the center of the route; not quite center, but on your way out you will see Amani Peons. Mixed with them are Forest frogs. Once you find a Forest Frog use your Hex stick and you have a small chance of getting the Mojo pet!

You can also get one of two vendors. Though they really aren’t worth investing anything in.

WoWScrnShot_061516_200519WoWScrnShot_061516_210309Okay, now time for the good stuff! Farming with the potion of treasure finding here is my loot table.

  • 295 raw/vendored gold
  • 172 Embersilk cloth (2g/) (344g)
  • 18 Greens (~250g vendor)(de ~360g)
  • 7 Epics (~ 92g Vendor) (x3 2547 transmog )
  • 1 Recipe (681g)
  • 23 Chest ( 906g See Below)
  • 4 Mojo (5000/) (20000)

Total (25133g)

Loot From Tiny Treasure Chests

  • 121 Embersilk Cloth (2g/) (242g)
  • 6 Volatile Water (40g/) (240g)
  • 7 Volatile Air (6g/) (42g)
  • 11 Volatile Life (6g/) (66g)
  • 6 Volatile Earth (4g/) (24g)
  • 19 Volatile Fire (10g/) (190g)
  • 10 Elementium Ore (3g/) (30g)
  • 4 Pyrite Ore (18g/) (72g)

Total (906g)

How to Maximize your gold farming Zul’Aman 

  • Running as either or both a Tailor or skinner
  • Turning Embersilk into bolts and either making Deathsilk Bracers and disenchanting them or turning the bolts into bags using hypnotic dust gained from farming and using the tailoring shuffle.
  • Turn the leather you get into Pristine Hide, it takes a total of 50 Savage leather for 1 hide.
  • Running the dungeon with an item level of 700+
  • Using a potion of treasure finding.
  • Disenchanting Greens (vendor green weapons)
  • Doing a Savage Leather Shuffle using the leather to turn into Drakbrand Belt to disenchant
  • Prospecting Elementium ore you got from the Tiny Treasure chests, turning the uncommon gems into rind/ necklaces and disenchanting them.

Keep in mind, this is all based off luck and server dependency. Because I can make this much gold from this farm doesn’t mean you will. Some may make more, especially if they use any of the options listed above. Some may make less, due to competition, low population server, server capabilities (PvP, PvE, RP).