How To Make Gold Off Cheap Knothide Leather

Only but Khnothide IF you can make gold from flipping the item. How to tell if it’s worth it? Check your auction house to see the going rate of Knothide Leather, Check the going rate for Arcane Dust. You will need to do the math but for an example: Knothide leather = 1 gold per unit, Arcane dust = 4 gold per unit. Costs 6 knothide leather = 6 Gold, disenchanting will give 2-3 arcane dust per = 8-12 gold per glove.


There are two different ways to maximize your gold with Khothide leather. The easiest and fastest way would be to turn 5 khothide leather into 1 Heavy Knothide Leather. On my server Khothide ranges from 1-2 gold per leather. meaning the cost of a heavy knothide leather would be around 5-10 gold. Heavy Knothide sells for around 30-40 gold on my server giving me a profit of anywhere from 30-35 gold, if I was to buy it from the Auction House.

Heavy Knothide leather is used for craftable transmog pieces, so if you are on a roll playing server, you might be able to make more gold by crafting the heavy Knothide into gear. Let me know how much you make if you do this!

The longer way to make TONS of gold with Khothide Leather is simply by crafting; with a leatherworker, Thick Draenic Gloves. To do this, you will need 6 of your freshly skinned leather and 2 Rune Threads. What will we do with these gloves? Well send them to your character that has enchanting and begin disenchanting. I use the addon TSM Destroy for this, but often the queue will break and I have to manually click the spell and item I wish to destroy, so for this I would recommend creating a macro.

 /cast disenchant

/use Think Draenic Gloves

Keep this marco in mind as you will be able to add other pieces of gear to it anytime you wish. I believe you are able to have up to 3 uses at once so you may need to make a few different macros for different craftables.

WoWScrnShot_062116_151346I used 1554 Khonhide leather costing me if I was to buy them it would have cost 1554 gold and 259 gold for the rune threads. I was able to get:

  • 517 Arcane Dust (4g/)
  • 116 Lesser Planar Essense (2g/)
  • 7 Small Prismatic Shard (1g/)

Total Gold


Giving me, not a big profit, but a profit of 494 gold… now off to typing up my knothide leather farming locations!