Purple Lotus Farming Guide

Old school farming now! This is only one of three routes I use when farming for purple lotus (Wildvine). Each of them are in Felwood, because I guess Blizzard thought Purple Lotus should only be gathered in Felwood. It drops from mobs, but no where near as fast as just gathering them.


There are a few other herbs you can farm here along with Purple Lotus, one being the Gromsblood, which really don’t have much of a purpose, but wait, don’t skip them! I know of a good use for them in a later guide. Purple Lotus have a small chance of containing Wildvine (not sure what uses it has I think transmog purposes). This uncommon herb sells for around 100-300 gold each depending on your server of course, it may not even sell on other servers for all I know.

Within 10 minutes of farming I was able to collect:
  • 1 Wildvine (300g/)
  • 18 Dreamfoil (2g/)
  • 79 Purple Lotus (5g/)
  • 50 Gromsblood (4g/)
  • 33 Gold Sansam (2g/)

Total Gold ( 10 Minutes)

1047 Gold

Total Gold ( 1 Hour)

6282 Gold