Mining In Terokkar Forest Route 1

This route is in Terokkar Forest, the respawn rate of the nodes are fast enough you don’t need to switch servers. By the time you make it back to where you’ve started there are fresh nodes, with a good chance of a khorium node spawning.

In 10 minutes of farming I was able to collect:

Remember the prices are subject to change depending on the server you are on, and not everything may sell or have a demand. These results are all based off RNG, every test will result in different quantities of what is collected. I cannot determine how much gold you will make, and I can’t promise you will make as much as I did.

8 Khorium ore (200g/) = 1600g

17 Eternium ore (10g/) = 170g

12 Motes of fire (30g/) = 360g

39 Mote of Earth (1g/) = 39g

20 Fel Iron Ore (22g/) = 440g

29 adamantite ore (4.50g/) = 130g

Total gold

(10 minutes)

2739 gold from raw material

(1 hour)

16,434 from raw material

If you turn the fel iron and eternium into bars, then made fel steel bars they sell for 300g per bar. It takes 2 eternium bars, and 3 fel iron bars to make a fel steel bar. The cost of the materials to make a fel steel is around 172 gold, giving me close to a 150g gold profit. I was able to farm enough materials in 10 minutes to make 6 fel steel bars.

Total gold (10 minutes)


Total Gold (1 hour)