How To Get Exulted With Sporeggar In 1-2 Hours

In less than 10 minutes not only was I able to reach almost half way through friendly, but I was also able to get 85 Knothide Leather, 20 Motes of Life, and 12 Sanguine Hibiscus.

The Hibiscus are a reputation item, which can be turned in at the end of each run. The quest is inside the dungeon, giving by T’shu! Sense this was a heroic run, you can only do it once, but don’t worry, though less rep per run in a normal Under Bog, you can still get Sanguine Hibiscus.

In a normal run I was only able to loot 64 Khothide Leather, and 19 Mote of Life, though I got 20 Hibiscus.

It costs 5 hibiscus to turn in the repeatable quest for 750 reputation per 5 plants. You can average around 10-20 plants per run and roughly 2500 rep from killing the mobs in normal mode. That being said you can average 4000-5500 reputation per run, or 40,000-55,000 reputation per lock out. It shouldn’t take anymore than 5 minutes to complete a run, depending rather or not you come in on your skinner.

Starting from unfriendly, you need a total of 45,000 reputation to become exulted (correct me if I’m wrong) So within less than an hour you can become exulted with Sporeggar. What is this reputation good for you ask? Well after getting Exulted check this guide out if you are interest in making gold from this faction Tiny Sporebat 5,600-16k per hour.