Where To Farm Rousing Earth

Rousing Earth; Like rousing order and rousing frost is used in a lot of Dragonflight recipes.


The Importance of Rousing Earth

Rousing earth can be a big part of the new Dragonflight recipes. All you need to do is take 10 rousing earth and turn them into an awakened earth. However, some recipes require for you to use just the rousing element as it is. Since we got the importance out of the way let’s take a look at how to get the rousing earth now.


In order to pick up rousing earth from mining. You will want to look for mining modes that say “hardened”. This means they have been touched be the hardened element which translates to earth. While you don’t always get a lot of rousing earth from these nodes. They are still a good way to pick up the rousing earth.


LikeĀ Rousing Order andĀ Rousing Frost. You will need some points put into bait crafter and elemental infusion. You will need 10 points in bait crafter so you can get the elemental infusion. Then After you get that you will need to put 10 points into elemental infusion before you can start picking up rousing earth from elusive enemies.


Rousing earth is dropped by a total of 148 different enemies. Bear with us while we try to provide some of the best locations to farm this material.


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