What Is The Best Way To Get Rare Mount Swift Lovebird In World of Warcraft

Swift Lovebird WoW Mount
Soar on the Swift Lovebird!

Love is in the air in World of Warcraft, as Blizzard has revived the yearly Valentine’s Day event, which offers players the opportunity to obtain various goods. One such item that players may like to obtain is the Swift Lovebird mount; while getting it may take some time, it is possible.

Lovely Charm

When you defeat a monster that is acceptable for your level and you have this in your inventory, you could get a Lovely Charm. Even plundering is not necessary! Lovely Charms are specially made for you. Rolling an alt (alternative character) and heading straight to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight to acquire a Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit is perhaps one of the best methods to accomplish this.

How to Obtain Love Tokens

Love Tokens may be acquired by completing daily objectives throughout the festival. Players will get a daily allocation of Swift Lovebird tokens for completing these tasks, which are located in the capital cities.

Smashing the Crown:

For the task, Alliance players will see Inspector Snip Snaggleboat in Stormwind, whereas Horde players will speak with Detective Snap Snagglebolt in Orgrimmar. It awards five tokens.

Everyday Missions:

The daily quests may be obtained by speaking with Kwee Q. Peddlefeet outside of Stormwind or at the auction house in Orgrimmar. It offers the player four tasks to do and will provide 20 tokens daily.

Heart-Shaped Box:

Queuing up for the event-specific Shadowfang Keep dungeon and killing Apothecary Hummel will grant you access to this item. Additionally, the uncommon X-45 Heartbreaker mount might drop from the box.

There will be no carryover of Love Tokens to the celebrations the next year. Make sure to collect all the tokens you discover because if you don’t reach 270, you won’t be able to save them until the next Valentine’s Day event.

Compatibility of Ground Travel:

Swift Lovebird is a flexible mount that can be utilized for ground travel over various terrains, unlike those that are limited to flight. Because of this, it’s helpful in places where flying is prohibited, allowing players to make use of its advantages wherever they go.

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