What Is The Best Way to Get Rare Fiery Warhorse Reins Mount in World of Warcraft

WoW Karazhan Mount
Karazhan's fiery reward awaits!

World of Warcraft boasts an abundance of mounts that range from easy to hard to obtain, with some easily attained while others taking longer. You may obtain them through raiding, World Bosses, or even dungeons; others need completion – these dungeons can be fun plowed through solo or with friends to find some awesome mounts like Fiery Warhorse Reins Mount which looks absolutely incredible and can be found within Karazhan Raid Dungeon; making this mount perfect for old-school raiding fans looking for old school raiding; easily obtained!

This is a very cool and rare mount available in the game, one of the first riding animals to be added in the TBC expansion. This mount drops from Attumen the Huntsman boss in the old Karazhan raid dungeon.

Drop Chance for the Fiery Warhorse Mount

You have a low chance to drop this unique mount from Attumen the Huntsman, however, it can be purchased on the Black Market Auction House for up to 20,000 gold by Mei Francis; this mount has an estimated 1% drop rate and is highly sought after by players in World of Warcraft.

This mount was introduced with the Burning Crusade expansion and features a stunning design. It drops from Attumen the Huntsman in Karazhan raid dungeon, with a chance of dropping every time someone tackles his quest – making this an easy mount to farm very quickly!

Where to get The Fiery Reins

To earn this mount, go to the Karazhan instance and complete its dungeons – either an old raid from TBC or a new version introduced in Legion. The new version is much easier and can be completed in under 30 minutes; then when completed can be purchased from Mei Francis for 20k gold.

In World of Warcraft, many players are searching for good quality mounts that they can use while completing other activities. There are hundreds of mounts to get from reputation, raids, world bosses and reputation grinds.
For many of these, the chances are extremely low and require extensive farming or bringing a friend along with you. Some of these mounts may be hard to obtain if you don’t already have them, so it can be an excellent idea to hire our boosting services to help you out!

An alternative strategy would be to complete the dungeon on heroic and kill Argus the Unmaker afterwards. While this fight may be tougher alone, it’s easier with friends. Aiming for this mount may prove highly fruitful since it offers fast speeds while looking quite stylish!

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Another mount worth farming is the Core Hound. Perfect for raiding, this fast and visually pleasing mount can be purchased for 20k gold from Black Market auction house or Mei Francis in Wrath of Lich King version of Dalaran. It’s also one of the best mounts to obtain as you will never have to worry about it dropping in a random location!

The next mount in our list is the Fiery warhorse reins, which drops from the first boss of old Karazhan – Attumen the Huntsman. This mount is quite rare according to in-game statistics, and requires a lot of time to farm from numerous toons in Karazhan.
There are also some additional mounts that can be acquired using this method, though it requires more work than either of the previous two methods. One such mount is Yogg-Saron’s Headless Horseman which drops in 25-man Heroic, and another, Great Expedition Yak which can be bought from Uncle Bigpocket in Kun-Lai Summit for 120 000 gold – both very attractive mounts that make the effort worth your while!