How To Make Gold Picking up Herbs and Mining In Netherstorm

This is one of 4 routes I farm in the Netherstorms. Some are better for herbs while others are better for ores. This one, however is best for herbs; mostly netherbloom

In 10 minutes of farming I was able to get:
Something I’ve forgotten to mention and my last few posts is the price I put on the sides of these are based off the average amount of gold these items sells for. Yes I do sell these items at the prices given, rarely do they not sell.
11 Dream Glory (2g/)
20 Netherbloom (4g/)
5 Eternium (10g/)
4 Mote of Mana (1g/)
10 Mote of Fire (30g/)
15 Mote of Earth (1g/)
3 Fel Iron (22g/)
10 Adamantite (4.50g/)
3 Khorium (200g/)
Remember this is all RNG based and depending on your server. Prices may vary, some items I’ve listed will be worth more on your server some may be worth less, I can’t determine rather or not this farm will yield you the same amount of gold I get.
Total Gold (10 Minutes)
912 gold
Total Gold (1 Hour)
5472 Gold