Tin Ore Farm Guide WoW Classic

In this tin ore route you will come across more than just tin ore. In fact you will be able to find more just tin and copper ore! This route is called the 6 ore in one zone route. It gets it’s name because you can literally pick up 6 different types of ore from this one location. The 6 types of ore you can find from this route are.

  • Copper
  • tin
  • iron
  • mithril
  • silver
  • gold

What Each Lap Takes

Each lap should take you roughly 18 minutes to complete a full lap. It all depends on how many nodes you come across. If you come across a good amount of nodes then you can expect a few stacks of a variety amount of ore. If you aren’t finding to many nodes then maybe a stack of a single given ore. Always keep in mind yields vary if others are farming the same materials you are.

It is hard to say for sure what and how much different ore you may find running this route. There is no specific way to tell you will get a ton of tin ore. Any ore for that matter. Golf ore in this route is the rarest of them all, while copper, tin, and even iron ore are all pretty common. Silver and mithril you will come across a good amount of but still far and few in between.


There are technically 2 caves in this route but another cave like system. You should find yourself checking all three locations if you are worried about mithril. If you don’t care rather or not you will be picking up mithril. Then you can go ahead and skip all three of these locations to save on some time.


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