Copper Ore Farm Guide WoW

Copper ore is the founding ore picked up by miners.

While this ore is common in hardcore classic. When it could be just the death of your newly made character. Knowing where to farm this could save your character from dying yet another day. So that brings us to the question of. Where to farm copper ore in classic hardcore World of Warcraft?

Where to farm copper ore

Copper ore can be found in 20 different zones, each has its own unique route. While there are over 20 different zones you can mine copper ore in. It is recommended that you stick to your faction and race’s primary starting zones. So for example you started as a night elf Elwynn Forst should be where you farm copper ore.

If you started any kind of race as horde you should farm copper in Durotar. This is because these zones already yield a lot of copper so no need to venture out any further than you already are. If for some reason you can’t make it to these few zones. Any zone that hosts a new character could be decent for copper ore as well.

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