Where To Farm Rousing Fire

Rousing fire is also like the other rousing elements and requires 10 of each rousing to make one awakened fire.

About rousing fire

Although Rousing fire is like its brother and sister rousing elements. It is gathered in different ways throughout the new expansion, Dragonflight. However, some of the ways you can gather some of the other rousing elements you won’t be able to use that method for the rousing fire. The different ways you can farm rousing fire are through the methods below.


For mining, there are two different nodes you want to be on the lookout for. Those would be Primal and Molten. If you find a mining node that is touched by the fire element they can yield you a little bit of rousing fire.


Although it sounds weird to fish for fire. In Dragonflight, you can do just that for the rousing fire.


Rousing fire can be dropped from 114 different enemies. While some of these enemies are elites or not set on a force respawn, gives us time to gather a majority of the ones that are noteworthy to share their farming location.


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