Where To Farm Rousing Decay

Much like your other rousing elements it takes 10 rousing decay to make one awakened decay

About rousing Decay

Rousing decay is a tricky one to get as it only has a few methods of collecting it. However, a lot like the other rousing elements. Rousing decay takes 10 rousing to make one awakened. The awakened version is used in 17 different recipes throughout the Dragonflight expansion. The different ways you can gather rousing decay are through these methods.


For herbalism, all you really need to worry about is heading to the zone in which the herbs are “rotting” or touched by the “decay” elemental. There are only 2 zones of which these spawn, however, one main one that you can actively farm for the rousing decay. That zone would be The Azure Span.


Like the other rousing elements you must have a certain amount of points in bait crafter and elemental infusion. After you get those points in your talent tree learned, you can then start to see some rousing elements drop from elusive mobs once skinned.


This is an odd twist to getting rousing elements. You need a certain amount of points textiles (5) and learn the specialization spinning. You don’t need to be maxed out on points in spinning. However, it is highly recommended that you do. Maxing out spinning allows for the user to always get rousing elements when spinning wildercloth into its thread.


This element is only dropped by a handful of enemies and most of the enemies that still drop the rousing decay are elite mobs. This means it isn’t recommended that you farm enemies to get the rousing decay drop. One of the methods above would be best for that.

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