Where To Farm Rousing Air

Rousing Air is also like the other rousing elements and requires 10 rousing to make one awakened air.

About Rousing Air

While rousing air is a lot like the other rousing elements and requires 10 to make its primary form (awakened) it is used in 51 different recipes as awakened air. It is also used in 10 different recipes as rousing air. To obtain this element material


It seems odd to be able to mine the rousing air but thankfully Blizzard had added a node called the “primal” node. Not only does this have a chance to yield rousing air. But also, fire, earth, and frost.


To pick up rousing air from herbs you will want to look for the windswept prefix on and herb nodes. You don’t need any points into anything to be able to pick the rousing air from windswept herbs.



The rousing air is dropped off 48 mobs in total. Which there just so happen to be a few good force spawns that we can share with you.

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